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  • ARTreach
  • Sponsored by: Tippecanoe Arts Federation
  • Discipline: Musical,
  • Mission: The mission of the Tippecanoe Arts Federation is to promote the role of the arts in the region and facilitate the artistic activities of member organizations
  • Description: The ARTreach program provides a student, who could not otherwise afford one, the opportunity to learn a musical instrument. In concert with school administration, instructors, and staff, the Federation is able to loan instruments to students for multiple years as a part of the program. Students receive high quality instruments that have been donated from the community or purchased through funds from NCHS. Eligible students must: -Live within Tippecanoe County; -Attend a public or charter school within the County; -Qualify for the free and reduced lunch/textbook program; and -Be enrolled in band or orchestra. This program is free to the students/families, except for accessories: mouth pieces, reeds, rosin, etc. The program is aimed at 6th grade students. Our goal is that they use their instruments through high school. However, older students may also be eligible. The concept of the lending library is to provide an instrument to a student that can then be reissued when it becomes available in order to cultivate an additional student's interest in music.
  • Grade(s): 6-8, High School
  • Cost: None
  • Contact Person: Paige Sharp
  • Contact Email:
  • Contact Phone: 765-423-2787
  • Contact Hours: M-F 8-5


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