Bravo for the ARTS: Arts Advocacy & Leadership

An integral part of Tippecanoe Arts Federation's mission and vision is advocating for the arts.The Federation highlights the value arts play in education, cultural diversity, and economic development. Tippecanoe Arts Federation recognizes individuals and businesses that make positive contributions to the arts in the community. TAF annually recognizes individuals, organizations and businesses that demonstrate leadership in arts advocacy. The awards that are given at the Bravo Awards include: those for Business (small & large may be nominated), John Corey Arts Leadership Award and regional grants in partnership with the Indiana Arts Commission and Indiana General Assembly members.

Bravo for the Arts, formerly Bravo Breakfast, is a celebration of the arts and arts leaders. Bravo for the Arts honors local businesses for their past support of the arts, and encourages future support.   It has been organized jointly between the Tippecanoe Arts Federation and Greater Lafayette Commerce. 

Past keynote speakers at the annual event have included Tom Torluemke, Richard Florida, Rebecca Ryan, Ann Markusen, Lewis Ricci, Ramona Baker, Joe Hale and Don Steffy.

2014 Bravo for the Arts:  The event was made possible through the generosity of  Duke Energy, Indiana Arts Commission and artist Kathi Shewmaker.


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Bravo Awards

Bravo Awards are presented to businesses that have made significant contributions to arts and culture organizations, including financial assistance or in-kind donations or by providing volunteers for events, boards or projects.  Nominators must be member organizations of the Tippecanoe Arts Federation.

Past Years Recipients


Henriott Group


Arni's Restaurants - Cohen Family


Reed & Company


Pay Less Kroger


Wilson Industrial Sales Company (Newton County)


Salin Bank


Kirby Risk


Chris Brown Properties


Bison Financial Group


Purdue Employees Federal Credit
Wahl Architecture


Bank One and Bank One Foundation
Farmer's State Bank of Brookston


Insight Communications
Weast Music


Eli Lilly and Co/Tippecanoe Laboratories
Lafayette Life Insurance

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John Corey Arts Leadership Award

John Corey Arts Leadership Award is given each year to a person who exhibits and embodies leadership in the arts. A John Corey Arts Leadership Award recipient regularly demonstrates their commitment to the arts and advances the role of the arts.

Past Years Recipients
2014 Margot Marlatt
2013 Eric Van Cleave
2012 Bonnie Zimmer
2011 Scott Freeman
2010 David Lahr
2009 Virgil St. John
2008 Kathryn & Howie Clark
2007 Todd Wetzel
2006 Charlie Shook
2005 Sheila Klinker
2004 Sonya Margerum
2003 Suzie Coles
2002 Jim Bodenmiller
2001 John Corey

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Suzanne Stafford Memorial Award

Each year at its annual meeting, TAF presents the Suzanne Stafford Memorial Award to an outstanding arts volunteer in Tippecanoe County. Stafford Award recipients are life long contributors to the arts and provide a valuable perspective to the evolution of the arts in the region.

Past Years Recipients
2015 Sonya Margerum
2014 Jeff and Jane Boswell
2013 Kathy Trout
2012 Robert Jeffares
2011 Kristel Kaye
2010 David Lahr
2009 Linda Vanderkolk
2008 Tom Moran
2007 Doug Gutridge
2006 Harriet Coppoc
2005 Mary Ellen Lovell
2004 Marylin Howland
2003 June Stuckey
2002 Verna Abe
2001 Kent Schuette
2000 John Corey
1999 Patricia Barrett
1998 Caryl Matthews
1997 Sheila Klinker
1996 Gil & Sharlene Konowitch
1995 Patricia Truitt
1994 Ernie & Roberta Deagan
1992 Jim Bodenmiller
1991 Kathy Matter
1990 Jim & Pat Ross
1989 Barbara Houze
1988 Bob Zink
1987 Dick Jaeger
1984 Peggy Bryan
1983 O.U. & Alice Sullivan
1982 Page Karling
1981 Stuart Main

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